Shy VS. Introvert

It can be easy for some to confuse being shy with being an introvert.There are also misconceptions on why a person may have either one of these traits. A good way to differentiate them is by comfort and energy. 

According to the Dictionary, Shy means being reserved or having or showing nervousness or timidity in the company of other people.

From my experiences, I become shy when my comfort levels are low. This can be triggered by people or situations I am intimidated by. questions I usually ask myself are… Are these people I can vibe with? or is this new territory?   Levels of comfort and symptoms vary depending on the person… The vibe I usually get from my body is anxiety, feeling super awkward and/or completely shutting down…This can even happen with people I have known for years but for some reason certain topics trigger my shyness.

When looking up the meaning for introvert it said shy…However I don’t think all introverts are shy. Being an introvert has more to deal with how you get your energy. Do you get it through hanging around people or being on your own…If it is the latter than you are probably an introvert. You could love hanging out with your friends but after a while it drains you completely. There is nothing wrong with that. — We all have ways of getting our energy. What you choose is totally up to you…Whether that is reading, going to places on your own or just sitting in silence for five minutes. 

Which do you relate to? Being Shy? Being an Introvert? or both?

Would love to hear what your thoughts are :)

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